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Greg's Pillars & Priorities

Focus on Academics & Traditional Education

I’ll keep Carroll one of Maryland’s top-performing school districts. Every dollar will be fully focused on raising student math, reading, and science scores. Parents will always have the right to opt their children out of controversial, state-mandated topics that don’t align with their values.

Keep Social & Political Agendas Out of Schools

As a 25-year educator, I've seen politics infiltrate our colleges and universities. I won’t allow that to occur in Carroll’s public schools. I’ll ensure our curriculum and methods teach students how to think critically ... not what to think.

Parent – Teacher Collaboration

The research is clear—students excel when parents and teachers work together to educate kids. I want parents and teachers to develop curriculum and work with me on the Board of Education to develop sensible policies.

Give Students Multiple Pathways

I’ll ensure every child has options – college, a technical trade, or a high-quality education and foundation to immediately enter the workforce after high school. Students will have numerous options to earn college credits during their high school experience.

Retain and Reward our Amazing Teachers

I’ll ensure teachers are fairly compensated with salary and time. I will work hard to keep teacher classroom sizes down to a manageable level. We must keep, attract, and care for those who give so much every day. I will work with our state delegation and Commissioners to ensure we get every dollar possible to keep Carroll’s schools the best in Maryland.

Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency

Did you know that nearly half of our county’s tax dollars are managed by the Board of Education? I'll ensure we stay within budget and spend every cent on keeping students safe while delivering an education that mirrors Carroll County values.

Keep Carroll Schools Strong and Safe

We must continue to be a leader in education. Other counties wonder how Carroll achieves superb test scores and does so much with limited funds. I will ensure our schools stay strong. I will help to put in proactive measures to reduce disruptions, bullying, and fighting in school.

Always Listen & Learn

I will always listen to all perspectives, rely upon experts, and challenge stakeholders to tell the entire story. I will never compromise my values -- kids, teachers, and our school system will be first.

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Dr. Greg Malveaux at the Carroll County Board of Education June 2024 Meeting

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Greg's Focus

Lack of College Readiness

High schoolers being done a disservice with antiquated policies created during the time to serve student graduation and retention during Covid. As I college professor, I am a firsthand witness…

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Maximize Technology and Ag-Education

Technology and Agriculture school courses and curriculum offerings in Carroll County are what makes Carroll County a standout and will contribute to our local economy. We cannot treat Carroll County…

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Push Back on Overreach of Power

It is my desire, and if elected, a duty to represent the local needs of Carroll County citizens, while preserving local control and power for Carroll County. Otherwise, our Carroll…

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About Dr. Greg Malveaux

Greg Malveaux is a devoted family man, married to his lovely wife Lisa and the doting father to his son who attends school in Carroll County.

He is also an academic, having earned his PhD in Higher Education and Administration from Morgan State University, his Master's degree from Howard University, and his Undergraduate degree from Rutgers.

In his spare time, Greg enjoys working on the family farm and spending quality time with his family.

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