Dr. Greg Malveaux… Husband… Father… Educator

Dr. Greg Malveaux, his wife Lisa, and their son Gabriel live on a small farm just outside of Hampstead. Greg and Lisa chose to make their home in Carroll County and raise their son here because of the strong family values shared by Carroll residents. Greg’s son Gabriel attends middle school in the Carroll County public school system. Greg is an active father participating in many school activities, community activities and participating with Gabriel in the local Boy Scouts troop. Greg also supports the local Parent Teacher Organization as an active and involved parent volunteer.

Greg is a college professor, teaching writing and literature. He has a PhD in Higher Education and Administration. Also, he has been a study abroad coordinator and international education director in higher education for more than two decades. He has traversed more than sixty countries and has led student, faculty, and community-based study abroad programs to Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, and Europe.

Greg’s candidacy enjoys the strong support of Governor Bob Ehrlich, Senator Justin Ready, former Delegate Sue Krebs, Delegate Chris Tomlinson, Delegate April Rose, Delegate Nino Mangione, Commissioner Kenny Kiler, Commissioner Michael Guerin, Mayor Chris Miller, Clerk of Court Heather DeWees, Board of Education Member Marsha B. Herbert, Board of Education Member Steve Whisler, Board of Education Member Donna Sivigny, and hundreds of concerned parents and educators across Carroll County.